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 Networks Acceptable Rules...

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Ahli Biasa
Ahli Biasa

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PostSubject: Networks Acceptable Rules...   Mon Nov 23, 2009 6:18 pm

The following rules must be maintained and followed by all of Muah2x's administrative staff at all times. Failure to do so may result in loss of status. Please note that the Main Network Administrators of Muah2x are, up to a point, exempted from these rules. However, they are still required to follow them, out of common courtesey. - Muah2x Administrative Staffs

Rules for AOPs :-

Never under any circumstance should you kick or ban another op or member of Muah2x's administration. Not even for "fun." Do Not Kick any op from #Muah2x /All #channel, unless it is necessary. Kicking another op might cause your Deop, if he/she complains about that to an admin.
• The only exception to the above rule is, if the op you are kicking, has a problem with his/her mirc script, eg. it's auto kicking users.
Never kick a user/chatter/member unless it is absolutely necessary for you to do so. Do Not Abuse your power. Do Not kick for any personal reasons. Every kick must have a Valid Reason. Do Not kick some one for using slang or bad language in Pvt. Add the person in ignore list if its too irritating. The command is /ignore nick (for mirc users).
• Only exceptions to kicking someone out is if 1) They are advertising other chat sites or bad websites, 2) Using extreme slangs and/or vulgar language in #channel, even after you have warned them not to, at least 2 times; 3) If you suspect that someone is trying to or was going to flood. (and reason why you suspected him/her), and lastly 4) If they are being very disrespectful towards Muah2x.
Do NOT change and/or play around with channel modes!!! Unless you are absolutely certain of what that channel mode will do. You will be held responsible for your actions, and the consequences of those actions.
• To supress any troubles in the main #Muah2x channel, use the ban command via IRCPRO. If any user curses in main or disturbs other users, use ban command on him/her (!ban nick). Do Not ban or kick users for fun or testing!
Do Not Pass Op in #Muah2x or #services, to anyone; everyone must either identify to ChanServ or IRCPro to gain their status. Do Not fight with other Aops/Sops or IRcops in #Muah2x. If you have a problem with someone, discuss it in #staff. And let any Admin know if you think any of your superiors or your fellow ops are doing something wrong, or any injustice towards you.
Do Not add any (+h)Hops or (+v)Vops without an Admin's permission. Do Not share your Op pass or op nick/pass with anyone. If caught or suspected, you will lose your status.
• Being an Aop is still a privilege. The reason you were chosen among others is because of your dedication and loyalty to Muah2x, among other criterias. As an AOP, you are suppose to take care of the channel(s) in Muah2x server. So Keep your eyes open for flooders or advertiser. You will not be penalized if you kick/ban any one who was flooding or advertising, or going to do either of those. And always help users if they need any help.
• Try to be present and active in #Muah2x room. It is your duty to keep your Op nick active. If you lose your op pass or your nick drops because of prolong inactivity for a long absence, you may not get your status back. If you are kicking someone for BAD nick, then before kicking give him/her at least 1/2 warnings, and time to change the nick. Try to avoid kicking as much as possible. Do Not run any bot script(s), trivia bots, or auto kick/ban script(s) without a Network Administrator's permission. There is no exceptions.
• Last but not least, you are smart! Follow these rules, and use your best judgement before doing something. Remember, these chatters are people too. Before doing something, sometimes put yourself in their shoes, and think how you would react to an action, if the roles were reversed. And always listen to and follow the requests of your superiors.

Rules for SOPs :-

ALL of the above AOP rules also apply for a SOP. And SOPs are encouraged to strictly follow those rules.
• Please do not abuse your authority over AOPs. If there is a complaint against you, you will be demoted back to AOP status.
• All SOPs are to follow the guidelines set out by the admins.
• Please Do Not add (+v)Vops, (+h)Hops, or (+o)Aops without first informing an admin about your decision to add that person, and why. Although you will have freedom to add someone in the channel in any of the above 3 positions, you must still secure permission from an admin, and put up a topic in #sservices. The final decision regarding your request to add someone will ultimately rest on the admin, so do not bother him/her over and over. It might affect you negatively.
For both AOPs and SOPs: Please do not bother or bug an admin about your promotion. We know who you are, and what you do in the time you come to Muah2x to chat. If we think you are worthy, you will be promoted to IRCop and above. There is no set time limitation on when you can or will be promoted. That decision rests solely on the Network Admins.

Rules for IRCOPs, CO-/Server/Services-Admins :-

ALL of the above AOP and SOP rules also applies for an IRCOP, Co-Admin, Server-Admin, and/or Services-Admin. And all members in the above categories are encouraged to strictly follow those rules. You all represent Muah2x so please be in your best behavior and attitude at all times.
• For all who are unsure, the hierarchy or chain of command goes like this. After AOP/SOP comes IRCop, and then comes Co-Admin, followed by Server-Admin, and finally Services-Admin. This means, Services-Admins have top authority, under Network Admins.
All AOPs/SOPs are to follow IRCops, who are to follow Server Admins, who are to follow Services Admins, who will ultimately follow the Network Admins! Any Questions?!
• This is the chain of command, and must always be followed. If you decline a request made to you by someone who has authority over your status, you will have to have a valid reason for declining that request.
• If you are being asked to do something, and you don't want to, talk to a Network Admin about it. Please do not fight amongst yourselves. We all come to chat for fun and to have a good time.
• If you are not comfortable with this method of authority, then please ask someone with a higher status to have your status removed.
• This applies to anyone who has a higher status level (and when addressing someone with a lower status level): Please Do Not abuse and/or misuse your power and authority. Keep in mind that online or offline, that person might be mature and older than you are. So respect your elders.
Do Not Kill, Kline, Gline, Zline, GZline, or Shun any chatter or member or even another person from LepakNet's administrative staffs, for fun or silly, or inappropriate reasons! You will be reprimanded for your actions. As a consequence, you may lose all your status levels.
Do Not run any bots without first consulting a Network Admin.
• At any of these levels, you have serious power in an ircd server. Please be very very very careful while trying to execute any commands, especially those of whom you're unsure about. You will be punished for your actions. There is no exceptions whatsoever. "I was testing", or "I did not know what that would do" simply won't cut it!
• For a list of commands, check out LepakNet's Website with the link to the commands section.
Do Not kill/kline IRCPro or any server bots, unless absolutely neccessary, or if it's malfunctioning.
• Always follow and abide by the rules set out by the Network Administrators. There are no exceptions!

Rules for Network-Admins :-

All Network Administrators are requested to set the proper example for Muah2x's administrative staffs, eg. AOPs, SOPs, IRCOps, Co-Admins, Server-Admins, and Services-Admins etc.
All Network Administrators are requested to keep an eye out for any trouble among the lower ranks, and to dispute, and resolve and issues.
All Network Administrators are requested to provide help and support to the other admins, if and when needed.
• Although there is no specific set of rules for Network Admins to follow, All Network Administrators are requested to follow, abide, and encourage the above set of rules, whenever neccessary.

On behalf of the Muah2x Administrative Staffs, thank you for reading the rules page. If you have any questions or comments regarding this page, or would like to add a few suggestions, please contact either Admin or Staffs @
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Networks Acceptable Rules...
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